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As a field of study and teaching at the University of Lausanne, cinema is well represented at the Unithèque site. The collection is designed to meet the needs of the Faculties of Human Sciences, especially the History and Aesthetics of Cinema section.

Cinema for culture and leisure purposes is also found at the Riponne site (collection of film soundtrack CDs).

The collection at the Unithèque site consists of books, journals, databases, films and electronic resources. The majority can be found in the Renouvaud  catalogue your main starting point for searching for physical and digital documents.

Our resources are selected to take account of teaching, research and study needs in the History and Aesthetics of Cinema section at UNIL. A table, produced in conjunction with teaching staff, outlines the our development policy. The numerous symposia, research fields, lectures and seminars organised by the Cinema section contribute to the collection’s continual expansion.

You will find some 10,000 items in the open shelves. A significant number of documents are stored in the stacks and can be requested from the Renouvaud catalogue. The main cinema databases are listed on our databases page.

The selections section on the same page contains numerous links to useful web resources.

Starter kit: the main tools and resources for film studies

With almost 12,000 documents, the Cinespace video collection covers the various trends and genres in international feature films from the very beginning to the present day, including a selection of works from some outstanding documentary film makers.

As a special area for all everyone involved in teaching or studying film or using animated images, Cinespace is available in the open-access area of the Unithèque site.

We provide access to a workspace open seven days a week from 08:00 to 23:00, where you can work in small groups and talk quietly. Four viewing stations for one to two people are available, along with two rooms for viewing films as a group (available from 09:00 to 18:00). The largest of these can be booked at the loans desk.

You will also find all the latest items about the cinema, all formats combined, themed selections and semester references for video documents related to UNIL courses.

  • portable DVD and Blu-ray players at the loan desk. Items can be borrowed for a renewable period of 14 days. They can be reserved from the Renouvaud catalogue if they are already out on loan.
  • video documents can be borrowed for 14 days (TV series and box sets) and are renewable. Only items kept in the stacks can be requested for inter-library loans.
  • Guide to producing a bibliography
  • two librarians to answer all your questions (initial orientation, Renouvaud catalogue, etc.). Make an appointment for a research consultation.