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Renouvaud is the search interface for the library network in Vaud canton. This is where you will find the documentary resources available through BCU Lausanne, the university and Hautes Ecoles (HES) libraries, and those from a few specialist and public libraries.

You can access these libraries’ physical and digital documents, including books, academic journals and articles, films, audio recordings, etc. By registering with one of the libraries in the network, you can log in and manage your account, loans, requests and selections.

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Logo Patrinum


Patrinum (for PATRImoine NUMérique or digital heritage) gives you access to information about the collections managed by our heritage and archive departments:

  • Manuscripts
  • Musical archives
  • Iconopôle
  • Audio heritage
  • Legal deposits of digital works

You will also find a range of other documents, which are generally available in the open-access section:

  • Final dissertations submitted by the Hautes Ecoles (HES) in Vaud in health and social sciences and HEP-VD
  • Articles published by the Bibliothèque du Musée and cantonal botanic gardens
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Scriptorium mainly provides access to our digitised Vaud press archives, namely:

  • 24 Heures / Feuille d’avis de Lausanne (1762-2003)
  • Le Matin / La Tribune de Lausanne (1862-2003)
  • La Revue / Nouvelle revue de Lausanne (1868-2002)
  • Regional newspapers: Eastern Vaud, Vallée de Joux, Northern Vaud, La Côte, etc.
  • Illustrated magazines, including L’Hebdo, L’Illustré or TV 8-Radio TV
  • Satirical newspapers
  • The socialist press

Curious? You can also view Swiss gazettes from the Age of Enlightenment, The Encyclopédie d’Yverdon and personal manuscripts.

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Logo Bases de données


You can use our database access interface to find out about useful online resources for your documentary research. You will find specialist bibliographies, country statistics and profiles, dictionaries and encyclopaedias, as well as publishers’ platforms for access to journals and e-books. Refine your searches by using the following filters:

  • themes
  • categories
  • title words

All these databases can also be found in the Renouvaud catalogue.

Online access conditions.

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Serval (for SERVeur Académique Lausannois or Lausanne Academic Server) is the institutional database for the University of Lausanne and CHUV. Publications (articles, books, chapters, conference proceedings, theses, etc.) by researchers from both institutions are listed here. The full text of some of these publications is available open access.

You can access search results for members of the University’s faculties in the fields of medical and biological sciences, social and human sciences, geosciences, law and economic sciences.

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Swisscovery allows you to search the common platform of 470 scientific libraries in Switzerland: libraries of universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutions. 40 million records are accessible to you through this interface. Warning: Renouvaud documents are not included in Swisscovery.

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