As part of our heritage mission, the Sound Archive regularly acquires new items (CDs and vinyl records) by Vaud musicians, groups and labels. The collection now contains around 2,600 discs and records.

Vaud canton is fortunate in being home to a number of labels, including Claves Records (classical music), VDE-Gallo (classical and world music), TCB Music (Montreux Jazz Festival) and Two Gentlemen (modern music) to name just a few.

Find all Vaud music labels in Patrinum.

Records by Vaud musicians are listed in the Renouvaud catalogue, classified by musical styles. Discover the richness of the local musical scene by exploring our Youtube playlists.

Classical composers and performers, jazz musicians and singers from Vaud have been included in the current collections since the creation of the Sound Archive. Records of contemporary music are currently stored in the stacks but you can search for them in our catalogue and request them online. They are organised in order in the open shelves. Some records of world music, film music and items for children complete the collection, which is set to develop further over the next few years.

Are you a group or musician from Vaud? Tell us about your productions and help enhance our collection!

You may also like to explore our files on Vaud musicians and musical ensembles.

Several workstations at the Riponne and Unithèque sites can be used to listen to the sound archives of the Swiss National Record Library and RTS to complete our musical heritage offering. Headsets can be borrowed from the loan desks.

The Swiss National Sound Archives have created a network of listening stations in other institutions to facilitate access to its materials. We have two of these, allowing you to listen to all the materials that have already been digitised by the institution.

You can request a digitised copy of a document via the relevant online form (available on the information sheet).

The Swiss National Sound Archives collect musical or spoken-word audio documents that relate to Swiss history and culture.

The RTS professional Sound Archives site provides access to 70 years of audio memory. Comprising mainly radio archives from 1950 to 1995, the database also covers:

  • programmes produced by RTS radio stations (in-house spoken-word productions from the last ten years)
  • historical audio documents to which RTS holds the rights