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The Fondation vaudoise du patrimoine scolaire (FVPS) collection includes documents from former teaching materials that were used in schools of Vaud Canton. The collection holds former teaching textbooks and useful teaching resources, journals and multimedia resources.


History of the collection

In 1982, the Association du Musée de l’école et de l’éducation (AMEE) in Yverdon began to save, conserve and display school heritage. The collection grew, enhanced by the former collection of the Musée scolaire cantonal which opened in 1901 and then became the Centrale de documentation scolaire in 1951.

Given the abundance of materials and complexity of archiving, an appropriate structure – the Fondation vaudoise du patrimoine scolaire (FVPS) – was created in 2000.

In 2014, the Council of State accepted the Foundation’s gift to Vaud Canton and entrusted the management of the collections to the Archives cantonales vaudoises, BCU Lausanne and the Musée cantonal d’archéologie et d’histoire. The HEP Vaud site is responsible for the part of the project managed by BCUL (books, journals and official teaching resources), while the Manuscripts Department manages multimedia documents.

The processing of 18,000 printed documents began in 2015. These documents are stored at the Riponne site and are available in the Renouvaud catalogue. Documents in the collection that form part of the Vaud legal deposit can only be consulted on-site.

Updated twice a year, a display case is prepared in close collaboration with the Foundation and presented at the HEP Vaud site.