The history collection at the Unithèque site has over 30,000 documents available in the open shelves, including almost a third in English and a tenth in German. It mainly consists of specialist documentation, conference proceedings, sources and methodological works, aimed at the specific needs of the university community.

The Riponne site houses a history collection aimed at the general public.

The primary focus of the collection is Western history from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. Essential sources in various languages and the tools needed for an understanding of the discipline have been prioritised in developing the collection.

Documents in the open shelves are mainly classified by country or continent, then by historical period and finally by topic, when relevant. Part of the collection is stored in the stacks and is available on request from the Renouvaud catalogue.

Documentary DVDs are also available in the open shelves.

Printed sources represent a significant part of the history collection. These are grouped by country or content and have a classification index ending in 093.

We offer an extensive range of digital resources.

They include:

  • the Brepols database, which lists numerous journals and conference proceedings
  • the Historical Abstracts database, which lists articles from periodicals on history and social sciences as they relate to history. The subject and geographical coverage is very broad, but excludes the history of North America. Around 1,700 periodicals have been indexed since 1955
  • a complete archive of the Financial Times (1888-2016) is also part of the offering