The Documentation vaudoise section is part of the heritage centre and aims to create an exhaustive collection of documents about Vaud canton – in all areas, at all times and on all media – and promote it to audiences ranging from those who simply have an interest to school pupils, students and researchers.

VideoLe Cri qui tue

A selection of 13,000 documents relating to Vaud canton, its people, history and culture is available in the open shelves.

Classified by broad area, these documents can be borrowed directly or used in the library; items in the stacks or available at other sites must be requested online, under the usual borrowing arrangements.

You will find:

The Documentation vaudoise section feeds into three databases that supplement the collections it records, acquires, conserves and publicises.

The Vaud personalities database lists more than 7,000 people associated with the artistic, scientific, academic, political, economic and cultural worlds.

The Vaud Districts & Municipalities database:

  1. Aigle district
  2. Broye-Vully
  3. Gros-de-Vaud
  4. Jura-Nord Vaudois
  5. Lausanne
  6. Lavaux-Oron
  7. Morges
  8. Nyon
  9. West Lausanne
  10. Riviera-Pays-d’Enhaut

The links database combines over 1,057 sites, blogs and databases over 1,050 of which are archived for the long term by the National Library as part of the e-helvetica project.

View all websites, blogs, books, theses, journals and standards archived by the National Library by contacting the Loans service.

Vaud and Swiss press:


Documentary DVDs are available in the open shelves. Classified by field and indexes, these can be borrowed alongside over 300 VHS recordings kept in the stacks.

As for any document from another site or in the stacks, please complete a request online according to the lending terms and conditions.

Literature recorded on audio CD, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM can be found in the open shelves, along with filmed portraits from the Static-Shot Films DVD collection.

A collection of over 200 references available for use in the library can be found in the open shelves. These include directories, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, listings, guides and journals.

Access to multimedia items and reference works.

The section has indexed a number of journals from Vaud, French-speaking and other parts of Switzerland and other countries for many years. Access to all these articles.

RTS professional archives: contact the information and reception desks.


In the spirit of European Heritage Days, we have created various information resources, complete with bibliographical references, using swisstopo interactive maps. Explore them, borrow the various reference documents indicated and off you go!



We have identified every work of literature or film set in Vaud canton. Here are two routes:

The first takes you on a journey to discover a selection of movies filmed partly or entirely in Vaud canton.

The second offers a choice of literary walks in the footsteps of English-speaking writers who were inspired by our region’s living environment.


Chronological friezes

In 2017, the section marked the release of the film “Le Redoutable”, directed by Michel Hazanavicius, by creating a frieze dedicated to the cinematographic work of Jean-Luc Godard over two periods: 1953-1968 and 2010-2017.

2015 was proclaimed “Gustave Roud Year” at the instigation of the Centre des littératures en Suisse romande, creating an opportunity to display the writings, photographs and essays of the writer from Carrouge in a chronological frieze.