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The general-interest collection at the Riponne site aims to serve the study and leisure needs of a wide audience. This collection of books and multimedia items occupies a special place in the cultural landscape of Vaud. It is separate from the library’s university collections but also differs from a municipal library.

We select documents in all areas and all formats to offer you an extensive and varied collection. You will find fiction and documentaries, beautifully illustrated fine books, travel guides, practical guides and books on sport, leisure, health, personal development, etc. There is a special emphasis on current affairs, societal problems and the environment.

Highlights include:

We offer an exceptional choice of newspapers and magazines:

Regional, Swiss and international press: 24 Heures, Le Temps, the Corriere del Ticino, the NZZ and other national and international titles.

News magazines: L’Illustré, Le Nouvel Obs, L’Express, Le Point, Marianne, etc., as well as magazines in the fields of history, geography, technology, the arts, literature, music and the cinema.

The latest issue can be read in the library, with previous issues available to borrow.

Several newspapers and magazines are also available online, via the public computers, or in some cases, remotely.

  • eLectures: +10,000 digital books, including 2,000 in English
  • Assimil: online self-directed language learning
  • PressReader: +800 daily newspapers and magazines in their original page layout and format
  • Europresse: French-language and international press
  • access to eight leading magazines (Alternatives économiques, Alternatives internationales, Sciences Humaines, Les grands dossiers Sciences Humaines, Manière de voir, Le Magazine littéraire, L’Histoire, Le Monde diplomatique)

For more information, see the databases page

The Riponne site promotes linguistic and cultural diversity and is aimed at the various foreign communities in the canton. The library’s document collections, services and programme of cultural events all make it easier for migrant populations to meet, chat and integrate into the community. This role is strengthened by the gradual development of collections in the main languages spoken by migrant communities. You will therefore find books in English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, among others. You will also find bilingual books, language-learning methods, easy reads and dictionaries.

For more information, please contact us or find out more by visiting the library when the loan desks are open.