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Our ancient history, archaeology, Greek and Latin collections support university users at every stage of their academic career. The collections are supplemented by their auxiliary sciences: epigraphy, numismatics and sigillography.

The Riponne site houses a classical studies and classical literature collection aimed at the general public.

Some 21,000 works are available to you in Classical Studies, ranging from specialist monographs, including an important corpus of Greek and Latin inscriptions, to periodicals, archaeological dig reports and exhibition catalogues to help you discover and learn about classical civilisations, starting with the Greeks and Romans.

The Classical Studies collections are an invitation to take a tangible trip into the past, identifying the various stages in knowledge of our history through an extensive, varied collection covering a long period, which is regularly updated with new acquisitions.

The Unithèque site is home to over 8,000 books. The collection is continually updated with recent publications, including: critical editions of classical works, dictionaries, commentaries, textbooks, grammars and reference books.

The list of books – your true Greek literature workmates – is long and an invitation to explore some fascinating reading.

The Latin collection consists of almost 6,000 books, with new items added regularly. The list of new acquisitions is updated every month. The core of the collection comprises critical editions of classical texts, commentaries and studies of the works concerned. There are also reference works, such as dictionaries, textbooks and grammars, literary studies by genre, and others with a focus on a particular aspect of language.

This collection, in particular, is one of the ways the Unithèque site contributes to the exploration of past cultures and the transmission of knowledge to enhance our understanding.

The Classical Studies, Greek and Latin collections are housed on the Unithèque site. All works are listed in the Renouvaud catalogue. Works on archaeology and ancient history are classified by period and then by region; classical literature is organised by author.