The main purpose of the collection is to respond to the needs of the university community. We keep a close eye on publications linked to the areas of activity of the Sports Sciences Institute of the University of Lausanne (ISSUL): doping, history, adapted physical activity, the Olympic Games and globalisation, training and performance, government and management, and media.

The Riponne site houses a sports collection aimed at the general public.

The sports sciences collection is housed at the Unithèque site.

Books are arranged by topic, in the order defined by the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC). DVD documentaries can be found at the very end of the collection.

UNIL theses are part of the regular collections and therefore listed in the Renouvaud catalogue. See also the list of PhD theses produced at ISSUL since 2010.

Journals are arranged by number in the open shelves.

Part of the collection is stored in the stacks and can be accessed on request via Renouvaud.

Numerous digital documents (e-books, articles, etc.) are also available via Renouvaud.

Acquisitions change over time to reflect the needs of the academic community and editorial production.

This is a recent and therefore still modest collection: 3,000 documents are currently available in the sports section. The areas with the most extensive collection of monographs are currently:

  • sporting practice (team sports, physical condition and training)
  • economics and management
  • sporting events
  • governance
  • history of sport (20th century)
  • the Olympic movement
  • psychology of sport
  • doping
  • media

The current strategy for developing the collection is explained in a PDF at the bottom of the page.

All the physical and digital documents available can be found in the Renouvaud catalogue. Numerous digital resources (encyclopaedias, journals, e-books and databases) are under licence. These are accessible via Renouvaud on the public computers or at home, through authenticated access (VPN), reserved for members of the university community.

To find out what books are available at Unithèque on a specific subject: Enter your key words and then filter by library: “Unithèque”. For a more precise result, add the term “bcudso” to your search and you will get a list of documents available on the sports shelves at Unithèque.

Check the list of the latest acquisitions at the start of each month or suggest we purchase a missing document you feel is important by completing the relevant form.

Is the book you need available in a library elsewhere in Switzerland or abroad? Remember you can request it via an inter-library loan.

Teach yourself to find the documents you need more efficiently.

Below you will find a selection of bibliographical databases and documentation portals:

Open-access journals in your discipline: check the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) for a list of titles. This can be filtered by area (e.g. sport).

Open-access books: check the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB).


The following documents will help you understand our acquisitions strategy and find your way around the collection.