Our reference collection allows you to find the meaning of a term in a foreign language or specialist vocabulary. It is also useful for making a good start to your studies, dissertation or thesis.

At the Riponne site, there is a particular emphasis on textbooks, dictionaries and encyclopaedias, in French or a French translation, covering a range of areas.

The Unithèque site is home to a large number of language and specialist dictionaries. These are complemented by biographical dictionaries and encyclopaedias. Most of these works are available for you to use in the library.

Consult the specialist dictionaries in each collection to supplement and refine your information.

Explore our selection of methodological works to get your studies off to a good start or when you need to speak to an auditorium, organise your work plan or need advice on starting your thesis.

A number of IT and office IT textbooks are also available.

More detailed books dealing with research methodologies in each university discipline are available to you in the various collections.


Books are classified by subject in the open shelves. Use the documents opposite to orient yourself more quickly!