Reprographic services

Price per copy

  • A4 B&W CHF 0.10 / 1 credit
  • A4 colour CHF 0.40 / 4 credits
  • Scanning through the « scan to mail » feature is free of charge


BCUL site Riponne

  • In cash at the photocopier located on the gallery (no change given)
  • With a guest account (email address needed), with credits available to purchase at the loan desk (minimum CHF 5.-).
  • On 3 printers, with UNIL Campus Cards, for the UNIL community

BCUL site Unithèque and BCUL site Internef, PrintUnil system

  • With UNIL Campus Cards, for the UNIL community
  • With a guest account, with credits available for purchase at the loan desks of both sites (minimum CHF 5.-).

Location of the printers

BCUL site Riponne

  • On the hall, in the « salle Pierre Viret », and in the Agora (this last one a colour printer), print jobs can be launched through any public-access computer
  • The printer on the gallery accepts coins.

BCUL site Unithèque

  • Level 4 (library entrance level)
    • Behind the Info+ desk (2 printers)
    • In the small glass-walled room between the two staircases of the open-access area (4 printers)

Print jobs can be launched through any public-access computer or through a personal computer connected via WiFi. They are collected on the printer located in the same area, according to the operating instructions.

BCUL site Internef: In the discussion room

To find out more

  • To print from a USB flash drive

    Formats: PDF, JPEG and TIFF

    BCUL site Riponne: on the machines located in the gallery and at the end of the Agora

    Instructions are displayed. Files are printed in their entirety: it is not possible to select the pages you want to print.