Public area BCUL site Unithèque

The most up-to-date and useful collections of the BCUL site Unithèque are available in the open stack area across several levels. Detailed floor plans are available on-site.

Upper level (level 5)

A selection of humanities and social sciences books which are organised by subject.

Entrance level (level 4)

A selection of humanities and social sciences books are organised by subject.

At the entrance:

Lower level (level 3)The open stack periodicals area includes:

  • Latest issues, not available for loan, on display at the entrance;
  • Previous issues organised numerically on the shelves.

The library sciences and history of the book open stack areas can be found in the western part of this level.

Cinespace (level 3)

Cinespace (accessible via the south-western staircase on the same level as the entrance of the library) offers movies and videos available in open access.