For Publishers

This page gives information to persons compelled by legal deposit.

Who is concerned by legal deposit?

All natural or legal person who publishes or prints a material in the canton de Vaud is subject to legal deposit: individuals, associations, non-profit foundations, trading, financial or real estate companies, businesses, public entities, etc.

Which materials must be submitted?

The materials concerned by legal deposit are books, brochures, newspapers, journals and reports published or printed in the canton de Vaud. Commercial publications, shows or concerts programmes, public transportation schedules and plain reprinting of already submitted materials are exempted from submission.

Digital publications must also be submitted.

Audio-visual materials are not concerned by legal deposit.

How many copies of each publication must be submitted?

The law compels you to submit one copy to legal deposit. However, we recommend you to submit another copy, which you can bill us.

When do the publications need to be submitted?

The publications must be submitted within a month after it left the press.

Through which means is the deposit submitted?

The materials must be sent through post mail at the legal deposit address (see opposite), brought in person to the BCUL in the Palais de Rumine or given to the prefecture which will send them to the BCUL.

Electronic publications can be sent to the email address of the legal deposit service (see opposite) or saved on a removable storage media (CD, USB flash drive, etc.)

What are the advantages of submitting materials to legal deposit?

Your materials are archived taking in a very long term perspective in order for them to be accessed by future generations.

The bibliographic records of your materials are displayed at national level (BCUL catalogue, Swissbib) and on international portals.

Your materials can be exhibited and displayed by other means.

What happens if the law is not upheld?

If the materials have not been received within a month after their publishing, the legal deposit service will send a first reminder and if necessary, a second and a third will follow.