Legal deposit

What is legal deposit?

Legal deposit is the legal obligation for every publisher or printer to submit to the Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire – Lausanne a copy of each book or periodical he publishes or prints in the canton de Vaud.

What are the aims of legal deposit?

Whereas at its beginning legal deposit’s purpose was to exert censorship, it aims nowadays at collecting exhaustively the materials which are published in the canton de Vaud. This heritage orientation means that these materials are stored taking in a very long term perspective in order for them to be accessed by future generations.

Legal deposit also highlights these materials by displaying their bibliographic record on the BCUL catalogue.

Which materials are covered by legal deposit?

Legal deposit does not discriminate form, substance or function. That is why it covers materials from all kinds published in the canton de Vaud: books, periodicals, brochures, annual reports, exhibition catalogues, etc. Both in paper and digital format, it covers official and scientific publications as well as popular, marginal or restricted publications.

Audio-visual materials are not concerned by legal deposit.

What are the conditions under which these materials can be consulted?

The materials collected as legal deposit can only be browsed through in the consultation room of the BCUL site Riponne to prevent their deterioration. In order for patrons to borrow them, the BCUL usually acquires another copy.

Digitalising and microfilming ensures the existence of alternative copies for the most fragile materials, like newspapers, for instance.