Internet and Wi-Fi

Internet access

Many online resources are available on the public computers.

BCUL site Unithèque and BCUL site Internef

The open-access InternetUNIL computers are available for brief Internet use

  • No usage restrictions
  • But turned off from 7 pm every evening
  • Printing on PrintUNIL

Several computers dedicated to documentary research are available behind the Info+ desk at the Unithèque branch and near the circulation desk at Internef branch. Their home page is the BCUL database.

BCUL site Riponne

Computers dedicated to the use of the Internet are available in the lobby

  • They are reserved for members of the BCUL
  • They can be used for a maximum of 2 hours a day
  • Access is free and is mainly intended for documentary research and website viewing
  • They are accessible from 8am to 9.45pm on weekdays and 8am to 4.45pm on Saturdays

BCUL site HEP Vaud

4 computers mainly intended for documentary research  are available during opening hours

Wi-Fi access

University community and visitors

At the Unithèque, Internef and Riponne sites of the BCU Lausanne,

  • Members of the university community can connect their mobile devices to the Internet using the UNIL wireless network
  • Students from other universities can obtain WiFi access through the eduroam network if their institution is a member of it
  • Participants in conferences can obtain temporary accounts from the UNIL IT centre
  • Visitors who do not belong to any of those categories can use the ‘public-unil’ wireless network.

At the BCUL site Riponne, the ‘VD-public’ free WiFi service is available in some places of the Palais de Rumine

BCUL site HEP Vaud

  • The « HEP-VD Public » network is free. Its access is given at the font desk.
  • The « HEP-VD » network is reserved to students and staff of the school

More in manuel d’utilisation de la HEP Vaud