Loan of BCUL materials

  • From the desk: free
  • Postal loan of printed document: rate of CHF 13 per title (rate standardised between all major Swiss libraries)
  • Overdue fines: CHF 0.20 per day per document
  • Fines are incurred from the first day overdue

Inter-library loans and copies of articles (rate charged to user for each request fulfilled).

Materials from other libraries

Material borrowing for BCUL users

  • Material from a RERO library: CHF 3
  • Materials from other networks or other Swiss libraries depend on the rates charged to the BCUL: between CHF 3 and CHF 12 (e.g. libraries in IDS German-speaking network: CHF 12) This rate also applies to inter-library loans provided by EPF Lausanne (and associated specialist libraries), however it is possible to visit the EPFL library and borrow documents directly.
  • Material from a foreign library: actual costs billed (fees owed to the loaning library and return costs). At least CHF 40

Copies of articles for BCUL users

CHF 5 per article up to 20 pages + CHF 5 per additional 20 pages. Payment on collection from circulation desk.

Uncollected inter-library loan

Additional fee of CHF 10 per material

Lost material or card

Lost material

  • Cost of replacement document
  • + CHF 70 fee for purchase, incorporation and preparation
  • + any overdue fine

Lost library card

  • Cost of replacement: CHF 10 (free for cards issued before January 2009)

Room rental

Cost per booking for non- BCUL and non-UNIL events (canton of Vaud discount: 50%)

  • Conference room 511 (40 seats): CHF 200 / day
  • Cinespace room (15 seats) and training room (18 seats): CHF 185 / day

Half-day rates are not available.

Contact: secretariat.bcud@bcu.unil.ch