Distance borrowing

Borrowing by mail

Borrowing by mail (for which a fee is charged) is available online in Renouvaud. This service is currently being piloted in certain libraries: in Vaud, it is available only at the BCU Lausanne.

It allows users to order print materials and have them sent by post directly to their homes for a fee of CHF 13  per material.

Conditions of use

  • Be registered with the Renouvaud network
  • Undertake to adhere to the loan conditions of the owning library
  • Have no previous litigation with the owning library which, in such case, reserves the right to refuse the request
  • Have an address in Switzerland

Postal address

The requested material is sent by post to the address indicated in the user account.
Before making requests, users must ensure that this address is correct.
If it is not, users must update their account to prevent documents being sent to the wrong address and fees being incurred. Users can check that corrections have been made in their account before making a request.

Renewing and returning documents

Provided that they have not been reserved, users can materials online and free of charge through their account.

Users return documents to the owning library by post in packaging that provides sufficient protection.

User costs

  • Postal loans cost CHF 13 per volume. Payment methods depend on the owning library.
  • Return costs are borne by the user
  • Costs resulting from re-sending materials (due to delivery to the wrong address etc.) or users not collecting them are borne by the user

Borrowing durations and delivery times

The borrowing duration (recorded in the account before the material is posted) as well as the borrowing conditions, are those of the owning library.
The delivery time is that given by Swiss Post for a letter sent by B Mail ± 2 days.

If the requested material is missing, already borrowed or unavailable for postal loan, the library will inform the user.

By confirming the distance borrowing request, users declare that they understand and accept the conditions above.

Home delivery – « Livres à vous »

A free home delivery service is available for people who find it difficult to get about, even temporarily. Materials from the BCU Lausanne collections are delivered and returned by a volunteer from the charity Mouvement des Aînés Vaud.


To use the home delivery service, you must:

  • Live in the Greater Lausanne area
  • Be a person with reduced mobility
    • Elderly people
    • People recovering from an accident
    • People suffering from an illness
    • Young mothers looking after their newborn at home
    • etc.

What to do

Register for the service!
Become a volunteer!
For more information, call:

  • BCU Lausanne: +41 21 316 78 62 or 57
  • Mouvement des Aînés Vaud: +41 21 320 12 61