Borrowing conditions

You must be registered with the library to borrow materials.

Number of materials

Each user can borrow up to 30 at any one time (up to 50 for UNIL lecturers, assistants and doctoral students). The loan documents in the BCUL site Provence is limited to 5 units.

Borrowing duration

The loan duration varies depending on the type of material

  •   28 days for books, audio CDs, musical scores and language learning courses
  •   14 days for DVDs from the BCUL site Riponne and BCUL site HEP Vaud
  •   7 days for DVDs from the BCUL site Provence
  •   7 days for journals from the open-access area of the BCUL site Unithèque
  •   4 days for DVDs from the BCUL site Unithèque (UNIL teaching staff: 14 days)


Document loans can be renewed unless the documents have been reserved by another user. After 3 renewals, the document must be presented at one of our desks, whether for return or another renewal.

Due and overdue notice

The BCUL sends due notices, by email only, 2 days before the due date of the borrowing.
The first overdue notice will be sent to you 5 days after the due date, and then at 28-day intervals. You are however responsible for respecting the terms of the duration loan. On this matter, you have access permanently to your situation via your reader file).


The fine rate is set at CHF 0.20 per day per overdue material. Fines are incurred from the first day overdue.
Don’t forget that this amount is multiplied by the number of materials overdue!


A material that has been borrowed by another user can be reserved via Renouvaud or the circulation desk. Once it is available, you will be informed by email or post.


The costs of damaged or lost materials are entirely the responsibility of the user.