Borrow, reserve and renew

Borrowing materials

Open-access materials

If the material that you require is available on the open-access shelves of the site you are on, you do not need to request it: simply find the document (see classification) and borrow it from the circulation desk or the self-checkout kiosk (available on the BCU Lausanne Unithèque, Internef, Riponne and HEP sites).

Materials available in archives or on another site

For materials stored in archives or on another BCUL site, use the Request function in Renouvaud.

Collecting requested documents

Documents are collected from the loans desk of the site specified in the request.

For the other libraries in the Renouvaud network (see their loan conditions), the requested document must be collected from the library that holds it.

Turnaround times for requested documents

Material requested from closed stacks (held for 7 days)

  • BCUL site Unithèque: 1 hour
  • BCUL site Riponne: 30 minutes

Inter-site loans, BCUL site Riponne and BCUL Unithèque and Internef sites : 1 day (held for 7 days), BCUL Provence and Renens sites:  1 to 2 days (held for 7 days).

  • No inter-site loans between BCUL site Unithèque and BCUL site Internef

Cèdres – collection unavailable

DABC Lucens: Fridays (orders must be placed before Wednesday)

Reserving borrowed materials

If a document has been borrowed, you can reserve it free of charge using Renouvaud’s request function.
Once it is available, you will be informed by email or post. You can collect it from the circulation desk on the chosen site until the date indicated in the availability notice (7 days from the date it was sent).

Renewing document loans

Provided the documents concerned have not been reserved by another user, renewals can be made:

  • From the account of Renouvaud
  • By telephone or email
  • Or directly onsite at the loans desk

After 3 renewals, the document must be presented at the loans desk.
Renewals do not cancel out fines: please adhere to due dates.

En savoir plus

  • Materials viewable onsite only

    BCUL site Unithèque, BCUL site Internef and BCUL site Provence

    • Reference documents with a green band on the spine (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, textbooks, DVDs, VHS cassettes etc.)
    • Semester reference documents labelled with a red triangle

    BCUL site Riponne

    Precious collections