Address and access BCUL site Riponne


Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire – Lausanne
Site Riponne
6, Place de la Riponne – CP
CH -1014 Lausanne


Parking: place de la Riponne
Metro M2: Riponne – M. Béjart stop
Bus no 1 and no2: rue Neuve stop
Bus no 7 and no8: Riponne stop
Bus no 16: Pierre Viret stop
Bus no 60: Tunnel stop
Bus no 4, no6, and no9: Bel-Air stop

Find out more about disabled access at the bottom of the page


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To find out more

  • Disabled access

    Assisted access is currently undergoing improvement work

    For access to the Palais de Rumine, please call 021 316 74 79 or 021 316 33 13

    Level 0

    Access via stair lift from the north courtyard.
    Next, take the main lift to level 3 of the building.

    Level 3

    Access to the library is through the door on the Musée Monétaire side

    Assisted access to the BCUL site Riponne


    Inside the library there is a lift giving access to the musicology gallery.
    Please speak to a member of staff if you wish to view the newspapers in the Agora gallery.

    Disabled toilets are located at the north courtyard entrance to the building

    See also Assisted access to different institutions – Palais de Rumine